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Hospital Radio voice bank

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Scripts should be supplied via email.

Please ensure to indicate correct pronunciation of words/names as required.

As we are all volunteers, please remember that we cannot offer a quick turn-around solution to your recordings!

Paul Watters of Radio Broadgreen suggested the idea of a voicebank of hospital radio members and in 2021 Andrew Broughton of Ashford HBS suggested the same.

Hey presto! Voicebank was launched!


This service is intended for hospital radio services ONLY.

This is not a commercial scheme and no payment will be made for services. Items voiced shall not be used for any commercial gain without the express consent of the VO artist.

This service is intended to help other hospital radio services in providing an alternative voice to their on-air talent.

Please read full Terms & Conditions here.


1. Take a listen to the Voices and choose who would be suitable for your script.

2. Email your script to us making a note of who you wish to voice it.

3. We will forward the script to the Voice bank member.

4. Once recorded, you will be sent a link to the audio file.

How it works